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Less than 1% of Military and Spouses are maximizing their credit-card benefits

There is too much opportunity for you to leave on the table


All the benefits of luxury credit cards should be yours


But check it...

The annual fees are waived for you.

So that's hundreds in fees you SAVE! 

Which unlocks THOUSANDS in free perks


At Athena Blue, our mission is to empower and enrich the lives of service members and families. Our goal is for you to find financial empowerment and take advantage of entertainment & experiences best capitalized by those who serve our Country


We are proud to be veteran and dependent owned and operated, and take great pride in helping our fellow service members. We will help you capitalize on the best Military credit cards. 


You've already earned it. Discover all of the ways that Athena Blue can help you and your family.

The AMEX Platinum Card

Athena Blue's #1 Recommendation for 2023


Use this link to get a bonus on top of your bonus

Now that you're here...

Our Advice For Military credit cards provides helpful resources and support for military families. We also offer advice on Military Spouse Credit Cards, which gives spouses access to exclusive benefits and rewards. Consider us a Military Money Manual and a guide to financial literacy, providing key insights into improving your lifestyle through credit card benefits. With our service, military families can get the guidance they need to make the most of their finances.

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